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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 13

Here is a reminder of why we are all doing this:

Reread these goals and ask yourself if you have began working towards them then post your thoughts to todays comments.

From now on you need to calculate your percentages. Remember what I said at the meeting, you have 2 options:

Option 1: Aim for 30% Protein, 40% Carbohydrate and 30% Fat for the day and post actual percentages for the day

Option 2: Aim for 30% Protein, 40% Carbohydrate and 30% Fat for each meal and post percentages per meal and for the day

*If you post your food you must do either option A or B

*post meals, calories, # of carbs, fat and protein along with percentages

Continue taking the MNS E, C or 3 packets as directed

Morning - Take MNS Vitamins Packet as directed on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up 30 minutes before breakfast.

Take one or two packets as directed with breakfast/lunch

Take MNS Vitamin Packet as directed on an empty stomach 30 minutes before lunch

*Spark - in the morning in place of coffee and/or before exercise (and/or mid afternoon for energy)

*Catalyst - 3 capsules mid morning and mid afternoon (also before working out)

*Meal Replacement Shake - drink in place of a meal (try and eat 4-5 meals per day), you may also drink in place of breakfast.

"Failures do what is tension relieving, while winners do what is goal achieving."
-Dennis Waitley

Maria said...
Want to lose baby weight and challenge myself to eat cleaner. I've always been able to cut calories but getting rid of relying on processed food is definately kicking it up a notch.


  1. Breakfast: Shake with a banana (325)

    Snack: Banana and 24 almonds (268)

    Lunch: Salmon and an avocado (441)

    Snack: Orange, Spark, 12 almonds (179)

    Dinner: 2 Chicken Tenders and a Sweet Potato (323)

    Snack: Orange (52)

    Total Calories: 1588 Goal: If our weight has gone down should we adjust our calorie goal?

    Fat: 29%
    Protein: 30%
    Carbs: 41%

    Also, is it alright for me to use Pineapple Juice Concentrate for cooking? The ingredients in it are water, pineapple juice, and ascorbic acid.

  2. Breakfast - Spark, Shake, banana (370)
    Snack - light String cheese, orange (100)
    Lunch - sweet potato and carrot chips, light string cheese, bell pepper, apple, hb egg (375)
    Snack - 1 c. berries, 1/4 c walnuts (247)
    Dinner - 4 oz 90/10 HB meat, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, 1/4 c black beans (thanks for the idea Charlie
    Protein - 23 %
    Carb - 44%
    Fat - 32%
    1371/1500 calories

    How do you calculate percents for each meal??

  3. Breakfast: Shake, handful of grapes, handful of cashews (379)

    Snack: 3 hard boiled eggs, apple, 10 carrots, 4 oz chicken (463)

    Lunch: 8 oz chicken, 1/4 bell pepper, 10 carrots, half an avocado (450)

    Snack: half a banana, 10 carrots, handful of cashews (227)

    Dinner: 8 oz chicken, half a sweet potato (350)

    1880 Calories. Goal 1850

    Protein: 41.43%
    Carbs: 29.26%
    Fat: 29.31%

    Whoops. Protein and Carbs need to switch places. I guess eating more sweet potato would help?

  4. Breakfast- banana & half an oatmeal 180
    Mid- 2 oz Mixed fruit & cashews 135
    Lunch- 3 oz chicken, 2 oz carrots, fruit 268
    Mid- orange, 10 almonds 122
    Dinner- 90/10 beef (about 3 oz?) zucchini, squash, red pepper, green pepper, sweet potato 282

    Total- 987 Goal- 1150
    Fat- 30 Carbs- 44 Protein- 26

  5. Hey everyone, feedback is up for yesterday. Ya'll are doing awesome, I am very proud of how you have all stuck with the program.

  6. Breakfast - 5 eggs (2 yolks), oatmeal and banana (457)
    Snack - shake and orange (289)
    Lunch - 5 chicken tenders, baby spinach, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and cashews (412)
    Snack - shake and cashews (377)
    Dinner - Ground beef, squash, zucchini, bell pepper, sweet potato and almonds (446)

    Total - 1982; Goal ~ 2000
    Fat-30, Carbs-41, Protein- 29

  7. Breakfast: Meal replacement shake (220)
    Snack: Meal replacement shake (220)
    Lunch:6 oz chicken breast, half a cucumber, 3 carrots, onion slices (413)
    Snack:Apple with almond butter (270)
    Dinner:4 oz chicken breast, half bell pepper, orange, half sweet potato (249)

    Total: 1,428 Goal: 1,220

    Carbs- 40.82%
    Fats- 20.82%
    Protein- 38.37%

    Definitely need some more fats and a little less protein? Maybe an avocado somewhere in there?

  8. Breakfast-ground veal, zuchini, squash - 341
    Lunch-turkey meat, provolone, spinach, mustard, the "good" tortillas-214
    Dinner-Jambalaya ( I looked it up before I ate it to be sure it looked o.k.), salad -444
    Snack- advocare meal replacement-220
    Fat-32%, Carbs-35%, Protein-33

  9. Breakfast: 3 eggs (1 yolk) cooked in spray olive oil, Spark, half a banana- 195

    Snack: Half a banana, 2 strawberries, 5 blackberries, 10 pineapple chinks, 10 cashews- 205

    Lunch: Chick-Fil-A Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad (w/5 cherry tomatoes, shredded carrot, shredded purple cabbage..and I took off the raw brocolli and cheese) w/ about 1/3 of the fat free honey mustard dressing packet- 240

    Snack: MRS-220

    Dinner: Chicken Breast cooked w/ some olive oil and 'no salt added' tomato sauce, about 8 green olives(rinsed), and steamed asparagus-375

    Total Calories: 1235 (Goal 1300-1350)
    Percentages for the day:
    -Protein: 33%
    -Carbs: 36%
    -Fat: 31%

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  11. *Cleanse Day 3

    Pre-Workout: 1/2 Banana (55)
    Post-Workout: 1/2 Banana (55)
    -today was my first day back to row so it wasn't too strenuous and I ate breakfast about 30 mins later

    Breakfast: 4 eggs (1yolk), 2 cups of broccoli, Fiber Drink, cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 cup bell pepper (361)

    Snack: 8oz strawberries, 1 kiwi, 10 almonds (173)

    Lunch: 5oz chicken, 2 cups spinach, 3oz baby carrots, 1 tbsp peanut butter, balsamic (281)

    Snack: 8oz strawberries, 1/4 cup cashews (223)

    Dinner: Leftover "Turkey Rice and Veggie" (brown rice, zucchini, squash, ground turkey, bell pepper) 2 cups (344)

    Total: 1493
    Goal: 1600
    -I will shoot for more calories in my morning snack. btw, I didn't realize cashews are super fatty! I did well balancing until these were thrown in :(

  12. Breakfast: 1/4 cup oatmeal, 2cups strawberries, scoop of whey, .5 oz almonds (400)
    Snack : kiwi and boiled egg (160)
    Lunch: charlie skillet surprise, tomato, 1/4 avocado, banana, .25 oz walnuts (430)
    Snack: meal replacement
    Dinner: 3oz deli chicken breast , apple, 1tbs natural peanut butter, 1/4 avocado
    Total : 1530
    Goal: 1500


  13. Breakfast - spark, meal replacement shake, almonds, banana (471)

    Snack - fruit salad (100)

    Lunch - tuna salad sandwich (380)

    Dinner - olive garden's venetian apricot chicken (448)

    Snack - almonds (170)

    Fat: 30%
    Protein: 24%
    Carbs: 46%
    Total: 1566

    So I had 2 pieces of bread, and it was impossible to balance out those carbs! Crazy! I'm actually very proud of myself for making it this far into the challenge - I love to eat and I partially expected myself to give up. I don't think I would have stuck to it without this blog honestly, I wouldn't have anyone/anything to hold me accountable. So thanks so much! Ready to finish these last 2 weeks strong :)

  14. Brekafast- Meal replacement(220)
    Snack- 1/4 avocado, 3/4 meal replacement, 2oz kiwi(263)
    Lunch-Salad with zuccini,squash, avocado, and ground turkey, and 1/4 meal replacement(263)
    Snack- 2oz mango(37)
    Dinner- Meal replacement(220)
    Total-1031 cals
    25%f,41%c, and 34%p

  15. Eric - yes and yes. Great job on your calories and percentages!

  16. Kathy - if you would have had more protein at lunch your day would have balanced out. Protein is a percentage that you definitely do not want to be too low.

  17. Kathy - your calorie tracking software should calculate percentages per meal? If it does not, we will address a strategy for doing so at the meeting this tuesday.

  18. Zach - no....that is totally ok! I don't mind protein being at 40 and carbs at 30. You just dont want carbs avove 40. Good job man!

  19. Kellie - the 200 extra calories that you needed today should have ALL come from protein. 200 calories of protein comes out to 50 grams of protein. You could have really used that to make this day balance out.

  20. Callie - actually, 10-15 almonds or cashews with each shake would have done the trick. I wouldn't sweat it about being high on the calories, your eating really healthy and your body is burning it.

  21. Mia - I love seeing veal and veggies for breakfast! Good job today Mia, calories and percentages look good.

  22. Breakfast: 1/2c Oatmeal w/ 3oz blackberries (173.25)

    Snack: Banana, 1/4c almonds, spark (320)

    Lunch: 4.5c mixed greens, 15 almonds, 1/2 green apple, vinegar, oil, 2 slices of ham (551) --> I need to get this down. I'm going to forego the almonds & ham next time & add in leaner meat.

    Snack: 1/2 apple w/ 1 tbsp almond butter (113)

    Dinner: 1/2 sweet potato, 3 oz steak, 1/2 can corn (345)

    Snack: 1/2 sweet potato, 6 oz blackberries (146.5)

    Total: 1650
    Goal: 1450

    P: 24%
    C: 36%
    F: 39%

  23. Better late than never?

    Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1/4 onion, tomatoes scrambled, 1/2 banana (206)
    Snack: 1/2 banana, 1/2 orange, 2 tbsp. almond butter (274)
    Lunch: 3 chicken tenders, baby carrots, 10 almonds, 1 lg. strawberry, 1/4 orange (431.5)
    snack: 1/4 orange, 1 lg. strawberry, 2 tbsp. almond butter 165)
    dinner: salmon, spring mix salad with cherry tomatoes & 5 almonds (325)

    total: 1402 goal: 1450

    P: 20.03%
    C: 29.36%
    F: 50.62%

    looks like I'll be cutting back on fat!

  24. Kandis - I'll take that for sure, great percentages and really close to your calorie goals.

  25. Halley - yea, all nuts are pretty fatty, it's good fat but it can definitely spike up your fat for the day. Try adding 1-2 hard boiled eggs to your snacks.

  26. Maria - it looks right on, good job! Ideally no apple at dinner but since you are doing such a great job at balancing it is ok.

  27. Alex - I am proud of you for sticking with it, the blogging definitely helps. Yes, the bread is crazy and it spikes your carbs, maybe next time do one piece?

    Also, I suggest you cut back to 1/2 a banana with this breakfast and add 2 hard boiled eggs to that fruit salad snack. And if lunch and dinner were not too far apart then not having an afternoon snack is ok.

    *Aim for your meals to be 350-400 calories and your snacks to be around 200-250.

  28. Elizabeth - calories are low, I know you had a lot of shakes so you must have been busy, throw in 10-15 almonds (or any nuts) with the shakes when you have them alone. Also, you missed your afternoon snack which would have helped your calories.

  29. Christina - yes, good thinking on getting that lunch number of calories down. Also, your breakfast and morning snack did not have protein. Aim for some protein at every meal.

  30. Lauren - lots of fruit but not that much vegetable, try to make it the other way around. Also, fat is high at 50%, replace those 2 tbsp of almond butter with 2 hard boiled eggs at each snack and you will see your percentages get better.