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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 9 - Cleanse Phase

This is about as "cleanse friendly" as it gets, these are some herbs and veggies from my father in laws garden with some grilled chicken and avocado.

One more day after today and you made it, no matter what you are all doing a terrific job and we have to stick with it. Remember the weekend comes with temptation so put on your discipline hats and sugar sheilds. Keep posting and calculating calories. When you post your "total calories" I want to see your "daily goal" calories next to it (bodyweight x 10).

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Morning - Take ProBiotic pills on an empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast and......FIBER DRINK with breakfast! Remember to mix/stir just before drinking it and immediately after drink 10-12 oz of water.

*Herbal Cleanse is done but if you forgot to take it on days 1-7 then continue to have it in the evening until it is out.

*Spark - in the morning in place of coffee and/or before exercise (and/or mid afternoon for energy)

*Catalyst - 3 capsules mid morning and mid afternoon (also before working out)

*Meal Replacement Shake - drink in place of a meal (try and eat 4-5 meals per day), you may also drink in place of breakfast.

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me
-Philippians 4:13

Christina said...
I am doing this program in hopes to lose some weight, gain better eating habits, and to hopefully just gain a better feeling about the way I feel on a daily basis and about my health. I've been encouraged by so many people who have previously done the 24 day challenge with Charlie and am really challenging myself to stay focused and complete the program successfully.


  1. Feedback is up for yesterday, go back and read it. Also, I asked some of you questions on day 7 and did not see answers makes me wonder if you are reading your feedback?

    *I know it's Saturday but I still expect posting. Not everyone is doing this, thank you to those who did.

  2. Charlie,
    I was wondering when you were going to say something about the lack of protein in my snacks! I know boiled eggs are a good source of protein, but I gag every time I try to eat one!! I added a lot of protein today with chicken, chicken, and more chicken:)

    Breakfast:Fiber Drink, Meal Replacement, Spark- 325

    Snack: 2 medium oranges( I know that's probably too much, but they were so good!), 1/2 Chicken breast, 1 Tbs Almond Butter-310

    Lunch: 1/2 Chicken Breast, Banana, 1 Tbs Almond Butter-280

    Dinner: Salad w/ Chicken breast, 5 olives, 1/4 avocado- 220

    Total: 1135(If I wouldn't have skipped mid-afternoon snack, I would have hit my goal. I might drink another shake if I get hungry before I go to bed...that would bring me to 1355)
    Goal: 1350

  3. Breakfast - Fiber, Spark,2 HB eggs, bell pepper, banana & 5 strawberries (420)
    Snack - 1/2 c. carrots, 2 T. almond butter (225)
    Lunch - turkey patty, with onion, bell pepper, spaghetti squash, 1/2 avocado, 1 tomato, olive oil (509)
    Snack - orange, 12 cashews (158)
    Dinner - Cuban restuarant in St. Augustine -NO mojitos!!!!or bread!!!!!! but....very good 6 oz red snapper , no butter or flour... cooked in olive oil with artichoke hearts and hearts of palm.very yummy (maybe 260)
    Snack - better make it a cup of herb tea
    Total - 1571 goal 1500

  4. Breakfast: Fiber drink, 3 eggs, onions, baby tomatoes (330)

    Snack: Banana and Almonds (260)

    Lunch: Salmon garlic onion, sweet potato (400)

    Snack: spark, orange (90)

    Dinner: Salmon with garlic and onion, 1/2 avocado, baby tomatoes (460)

    Snack: Celery and Peanut butter (150)

    Total: 1690 Goal: 1600

  5. Hi, Charlie
    Yesterday was crazy-all of a sudden my appetite just dropped off. I knew you'd catch that breakfast! My goal was to cut my portion size, so I hope that sticks! I also had my first Spark today-not bad.
    Breakfast-2 scrambled eggs (hadn't read your post yet) with 1/2 red bell pepper-214
    snack-meal replacement-220
    lunch-small tilapia fillet with wild rice and grilled zuchini-289
    snack-meal replacement-220
    dinner-tilapia, rice and grilled yellow squash-358

  6. Breakfast - 5 eggs (3 yolks) and oatmeal w/ banana (523)
    Lunch - Smoked turkey and chicken, green beans and corn on the cob (350)
    Snack - shake (220)
    Snack - walnut and hard boiled egg (234)
    Dinner - Roasted turkey, asparagus and yellow squash (355)
    Total - 1682; Goal ~2000

  7. Today was really busy for me, I was able to eat cleanse friendly but I was no where near my goal.
    Breakfast- 1 hard boiled egg, fiber drink, mixed fruit,(185.81)
    Lunch- Turkey patty, almonds, mixed fruit.(367.25)
    Dinner- Meal replacement(220)

  8. Kandis - good job with the protein today, you are right, if you hadn't missed the afternoon snack you would have been right on. And yes, one orange is better than two....I know they are in season and delicious these days :-)

  9. Kathy - great job, way to resist that mojito!

  10. Kathy - one thing, watch out for meals that get up to 500 calories, that is maximum per one sitting. Ideally 400 calories.

  11. Eric - overall it looks good, afternoon snack is light and could have used protein. But good job on overall calories and quality calories.

  12. Mia - too low on the calories today, aim for bodyweight x 10, remember that is what your body demands from you. Keep trying!

  13. Will - a mid morning shake would have helped you get towards your goal, or some extra veggies in those snacks. But still a good job.

  14. Elizabeth - yea, that is definitely too low, just make sure in the future you "plan" your meals ahead of time so that doesn't happen.

  15. Sorry I didn't post yesterday - quite a busy day for me. I met my goal, but I know that my meals were slightly unbalanced.

    Breakfast - meal replacement, almonds (390)
    Snack - 1/2 cup granola, 1 apple (276)
    Lunch - grilled chicken salad (180)
    Dinner - herb grilled salmon from olive garden (510)

    Total: 1356
    Goal: 1520 according to Livestrong

  16. Alex - not too bad but no granola allowed on the cleanse.