Yoga Workshop this Saturday

Power Yoga Workshop

When: Saturday, May 21st

Time: 11am - 1pm

Where: 3200 Longmire in College Station

Who: Individuals looking for increased flexibility, endurance, clear mind and sculpted body

The following ailments will be addressed: backaches, shoulder pain, neck pain, stiff joints, limited range of motion and more.

How much: $35

Click Here to sign up or email me to reserve your spot (limited to the first 20 sign ups)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 19

FINAL MEETING TONIGHT at 7pm at the TWC Studio. I am looking forward to seeing everyone tonight at the last meeting. After this meeting you are all on your own, if you have any final questions bring them tonight.

We will discuss "zone blocks" and a plan to help you continue this healthy lifestyle change. Bring a notepad and pen because I will want you all to take notes tonight.

Please take this short 24 day challenge survey -Click here to take the survey.

*post meals, times, calories, # of carbs, fat and protein along with percentages (EITHER PER MEAL OR PER DAY)

Continue taking the MNS E, C or 3 packets as directed

Morning - Take MNS Vitamins Packet as directed on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up 30 minutes before breakfast.

Take one or two packets as directed with breakfast/lunch

Take MNS Vitamin Packet as directed on an empty stomach 30 minutes before lunch

*Spark - in the morning in place of coffee and/or before exercise (and/or mid afternoon for energy)

*Catalyst - 3 capsules mid morning and mid afternoon (also before working out)

*Meal Replacement Shake - drink in place of a meal (try and eat 4-5 meals per day), you may also drink in place of breakfast.
*this is much better than missing a meal, continue to use as breakfast if it helps or at times when it is too hard to get a meal

"Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well."
-Marcus Valerius Martial

Tinkus Maximus said...
My goals are to get to below 200 for the 2nd time in my life. It would be nice to see those abs!


  1. 10am Breakfast - MRS (220)

    12pm Snack - 2 Clementines, 10 almonds (144)

    2:30pm Lunch - Ground Beef, Corn, Black Beans, Roma Tomatoes mixed together 16oz and green beans 8oz (466)

    5:15pm Snack - Pear, Spark, 5 almonds (179)

    8:45pm Dinner - 3oz chicken, 1/2 sweet potato, 3oz asparagus (153) - I wasn't very hungry. I know this is late for dinner but i'll be awake 'til 2ish

    Total: 1161
    Goal: 1600

    Fat - 53% :(
    Carb - 28%
    Protein - 19%

    --still sick so I'm not very hungry and doing good just to eat what I am.

  2. breakfast: eggs, tomatoes, onions (256)

    snack: banana, almonds (268)

    lunch: chicken, sweet potato (323)

    snack: banana, almonds (268)

    dinner: salmon, onions, spinach(364)

    pre-workout: peanut butter and an orange (252)

    i got really busy and didnt have enough time to workout so my numbers have gotten screwed up for the day.


    Total: 1731 Goal: 1600

  3. Hey I had some crazy stuff going on with the almonds I used and after editing the fat on them (which was wrong) I was able to re-calculate my day. Calories and food are all the same but my percentages are

    F: 22
    C: 47
    P: 31

  4. Oops, I was signed in to my work e-mail account. The last post was from me :) - halley

  5. Halley....aka Resource - haha, good job, keep trying to get to that 30/40/30 balance.