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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 14

Jack LaLanne passed away recently at age 96, he was known as a fitness industry pioneer. Well, I thought it would be fitting to give you some of his famous quotes:

“It’s a lifestyle, it’s something you do the rest of your life – How long are you going to keep breathing? How long do you keep eating? You just do it.”

“How do you build up your bank account? By putting something in it everyday.Your health account is no different. What I do today, I am wearing tomorrow. If I put inferior foods in my body today, I’m going to be inferior tomorrow, it’s that simple.”

“What you need to do is get that tape measure out, and start measuring that gut. Then you start working out and you start eating properly till that gut gets down close to it was when you were in your 20′s. Then you’ll find out what your weight should be.”

These percentages will make you more aware of how balanced you are eating, take the time to calculate them and also to aim for a 30% fat, 40% carb and 30% protein. This is where you really start making your metabolism kick into high gear!

*post meals, times, calories, # of carbs, fat and protein along with percentages (EITHER PER MEAL OR PER DAY)

Continue taking the MNS E, C or 3 packets as directed

Morning - Take MNS Vitamins Packet as directed on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up 30 minutes before breakfast.

Take one or two packets as directed with breakfast/lunch

Take MNS Vitamin Packet as directed on an empty stomach 30 minutes before lunch

*Spark - in the morning in place of coffee and/or before exercise (and/or mid afternoon for energy)

*Catalyst - 3 capsules mid morning and mid afternoon (also before working out)

*Meal Replacement Shake - drink in place of a meal (try and eat 4-5 meals per day), you may also drink in place of breakfast.
*this is much better than missing a meal, continue to use as breakfast if it helps or at times when it is too hard to get a meal

*Spark - in the morning in place of coffee and/or before exercise

*Catalyst - 3 capsules 10-15 minutes before exercise AND anytime you are on an empty stomach for a long period of time - good to have first thing in the morning with probiotic - up to 9 pills per day

"We mustn't run away from our battles because sooner or later we will have to face them one way or another. If that's the way it is, why not now?"
-Jasper Tong

Kellie said...
I am doing this to learn how to eat healthy. My goal is to not cheat with Dr Pepper! I drink a lot everyday.


  1. Breakfast: Banana, Spark (150)

    Snack: 1/2 MRS (110)

    Lunch: 1 cup mixed greens, 5 almonds, 1/4 red apple, 1/2 chopped fajita meat, vinegar (296) -- So weird, I had NO appetite.

    Snack: 1/4c almonds, 1/2 small red apple, 2 tbsp almond butter (355)

    Dinner: 1 slice of rye/pumpernickle marble bread + 1 large stuffed baked tomato w/ mixture of: 1/4 onion, 1/2 green bell pepper, 1 tbsp pesto, 1 garlic clove, 1 tbsp fat-free Mozarella
    (Obviously I didn't eat all of this--I just wanted to let you know everything that went into the bowl!) (400?)

    Snack: 20 snow peas (14)

    Total: 1325
    Goal: 1450

    P: 22%
    C: 34%
    F: 43%

  2. Breakfast: Shake, handful of grapes, handful of cashews (379)

    Snack: 3 hard boiled eggs, apple, 10 carrots, 4 oz chicken (463)

    Lunch: 8 oz chicken, 1/4 bell pepper, 10 carrots, half an avocado (450)

    Snack: half a banana, 10 carrots, handful of cashews (227)

    Dinner: 8 oz chicken, half a sweet potato (350)

    1880 Calories. Goal 1850

    Protein: 41.43%
    Carbs: 29.26%
    Fat: 29.31%

  3. Breakfast: 1/4 cup Quaker, scoop whey, 2 cups strawberries, .5oz pecans (405)
    Snack: missed
    Lunch: chicken deli meat 3oz, apple, 1 tbs natural peanut butter, 1/4 avocado (366)
    Snack: boiled egg and banana (183)
    Dinner: 2oz chicken breast, 3oz chicken deli meat, 2cups broccoli, 3 cheese cubes, 3oz sweet potato (360)
    Total: 1315
    Goal: 1500

  4. Hi there,
    Breakfast-ground veal, squash and zuchini-471
    F-17 C-19 P-58
    Snack-apple and banana-193
    F-0 C-50 P-2
    Lunch-La Tortilla tomato and basil tortillas (2), turkey meat, spinach, provolone (2 slices), and brown mustard-413
    F-21 C-28 P-41
    Dinner (early)-2 small crab cakes and a salad w/ shrimp (dinner was a birthday party so I tried to be good)525
    F-24 C-10 P-42
    Snack- i slice birthday cake-455!!!!!!
    F-21 C-73!! P-5
    It was my mother's 80th birthday, so I obliged. Both my brother's flew in from the east coast. Tried to be good. Tomorrow is my brother's birthday-NO CAKE
    Fat 36%, Carbs-35%,P-29%

  5. Breakfast: 3 eggs, baby tomatoes, onions, an orange (346)

    Snack: 1/2 avocado and an orange (213)

    Lunch: 2 chicken tenders, sweet potato, onions (367)

    Snack: Spark, Celery, 24 almonds (238)

    Dinner: 2 Chicken tenders, 1/2 avocado, baby tomatoes (421)

    Snack: a banana (105)

    Fat: 30%
    Carbs: 38%

  6. 7AM- Oatmeal, half an apple, honey, cinnamon (268)

    10AM- Meal replacement shake (220)

    11:15AM- 1 chicken breast, half an apricot, half a bell pepper (141)

    4PM- Strawberries and almond butter (248)

    6PM- Too many cashews as I was shopping around HEB (294)

    8PM- Ground beef (93-7), 1/2 onion, lettuce, 2% fat free cheese, carrots (470)

    Total: 1,642 Goal: 1,230

    Probably could should have skipped the cashews...oops

    Protein: 28.47% (123g)
    Fats: 37.5% (72g)
    Carbs: 34.03 (147g)

  7. Breakfast - meal replacement shake, fruit (250)
    Lunch - 1 eggs, 1.5 oz ground beef (90/10), bowl of fruit (287)
    Snack - almonds (170)
    Dinner - grilled chicken sandwich (420)

    Protein - 31%
    Carbs - 35%
    Fats - 35%
    Cals - 1127
    Under my goal, and too many fats - working on it. This is hard though!

  8. charlie, just posted on yesterdays! I'm behind but I'll try and post on todays sometime tomorrow morning.

  9. Feedback is up for yesterday (day 13), keep it up everyone!!!

  10. Breakfast- Meal replacement(220)
    Snack- Plum and 10 almonds (100)
    Lunch- 4oz ground turkey, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and an orange (309)
    Snack- Meal Replacement(220)
    Dinner-meal replacement, 10 almonds(220)
    Total cals:1138
    23%f, 40%c, 37%p

  11. Breakfast: 3 eggs (1 yolk) cooked in spray olive oil, Spark, half a piece whole wheat bread- 210

    Snack: 3 strawberries, 5 blackberries, 10 pineapple chunks, 10 cashews- 185

    Lunch: Chicken Breast, Sweet Potato, Avocado-315

    Snack: MRS-220

    Dinner: Chicken, asparagus,broccoli, avocado- 375

    Total Calories:1305 (Goal 1300-1350)
    Percentages for the day:
    -Protein: 36%
    -Carbs: 33%
    -Fat: 32%

  12. Christina - yea, your day started out a little low in calories but you ended up looking good. Watch out for bread at night too, ideally, we want to eat meat and veggies for dinner.

  13. Zach - good job today BUT, if you would have had the 4 oz of chicken that you ate at mid morning snack and moved it to mid afternoon then your day would have been PERFECT!

  14. Maria - still a good day even though you missed the mid morning snack, calories would have been right on if you got it in.

  15. Mia - too much protein at breakfast, your meals need a max of 35-40 grams of protein. Still not a terrible day, even with the cake :-). That mid morning had a ton of carbs and no protein, remember what I said about that, get some protein with those carbs.

  16. Eric - pretty right on man, not sure what your total calories were in comparison to goal calories but percentages and meals looked good. ONE THING though, that banana at night, no fruit that late, especially by itself. It would be better for you to have some nuts or meat.

  17. Callie - haha, I do that at HEB too when I buy macadamian nuts and cashews....definitely an esay way to spike your calories. You are right, take those out and your cals would have been near perfect. Also, your breakfast had a lot of carbs (sugar) and no protein.

  18. Alex - it's ok, you are doing great. Just continue to aim for enough calories and a balance.

  19. Elizabeth - I see the 3 shakes which tells me you had a busy day or were not around healthy options, I'll take it. Is that a low number of calories for you?